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ADR Training Course Details and Information

Presented Ian Gascoyne DGSA

All delegates must present photographic I.D. at the start of the course. Typically a valid UK passport or both sections of a new style UK 2 part driving licence.

Ian Gascoyne DGSA

The courses comprise of lectures and practical demonstrations on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with exams on Thursday. Delegates wishing to complete the tanker module will carry on following the exams on Thursday with further lectures on Friday, finishing with the tanker exam on Friday afternoon. Courses held at venues organised by Freightsafe will include breaks with tea/coffee and lunches.

Freightsafe training courses are a combination of "PowerPoint"TM presentations, Video/DVD and practical exercises. Courses are presented in a modern state-of-the-art business centre venue. Alternatively "In House" courses are available subject to the facilities meeting the criteria laid down by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA).

Typical Freightsafe ADR course timetable (69Kb PDF)

ADR Course Dates and Location

The ADR Course consist of the following subject areas:

Mandatory Core Module

Package module

Tanker module

7 Dangerous Goods classes

A comprehensive description of the ADR course modules is available.

Freightsafe will present courses composed of any permitted combinations of modules and classes.